Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is an innovative procedure that works to relieve both the pain and pressure associated with chronic sinusitis. It is performed by our experienced ENT doctors in Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth, who can safely and effectively treat patients suffering from chronic sinusitis. This procedure is oftentimes performed on patients who are not responding well to medications, such as nasal steroids, over-the-counter drugs, and antibiotics. A balloon sinuplasty is designed to help individuals who are seeking relief from uncomfortable and painful sinusitis symptoms. This procedure is minimally invasive and works to open up the sinus passages. In doing so, it relieves the pain and pressure that is commonly associated with chronic sinusitis.

Procedure A balloon sinuplasty is a new and beneficial surgery used to alleviate intense sinus symptoms. During this procedure, your ENT doctor will use balloons to dilate the sinus openings instead of traditional endoscopic instruments, such as forceps. Similar to an angioplasty, a balloon sinuplasty uses balloons to open up the blocked vessels in the nasal area. This procedure is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery, and it allows patients to return to their normal activities quicker than normal. A specially-designed catheter is inserted into the nose in order to reach the inflamed part of the sinus cavity. The balloon then widens and restructures the walls of the sinus passage, allowing mucus to drain from the blocked sinus.
Benefits As mentioned, a balloon sinuplasty is far less invasive and traumatic than traditional sinus surgery. It is not as hard on the surrounding nasal tissue and works to preserve an individual’s natural sinus openings. The recovery period for this procedure is also faster than other forms of sinus surgery. However, it should be noted that not all individuals suffering from chronic sinusitis are candidates for a balloon sinuplasty. This type of surgery is not ideal for patients who have nasal polyps or for those who have extreme scarring in their nasal openings.There are also a handful of risks associated with balloon sinuplasty that you should be aware of. Risks may include tissue trauma, infection, or possible optic injury. Your ENT doctor may suggest a balloon sinuplasty in order to treat recurrent and chronic sinusitis that has yet to improve with medical therapy. To learn more about those procedures and to see if you are a candidate, be sure to contact our experienced doctors today at any one of our convenient locations in Arlington, Dallas or Fort Worth.
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