About Us

Physicians’ Hearing Aid Center was established as an extension of Otolaryngology Associates of Arlington (OAA) with the purpose of creating a collaborative atmosphere between the ENT physicians and the audiologist. Our goal is to provide better hearing healthcare through the comprehensive management of hearing and medical needs.

Otolaryngology Associates of Arlington, founded in 1967 by Dr. Lawrence Thomas and Dr. James Harrington, has provided in-house Audiology services to its patients since 1999. Following the retirement of Dr. Lawrence Thomas and Harrington, fellow OAA physicians, Drs. Stuart Thomas and Mark Brown partnered with Drs. William Briggs, Dana Gibbs and John Loudermilk to create Central Park Ear, Nose and Throat in the summer of 2006. Since its creation, Central Park ENT has welcomed the additions of Drs. Tyler Scoresby and Rene Pena.

The goal of Physicians’ Hearing Aid Center and Central Park ENT is to provide an integrated environment between medical and Audiological care for those patients with hearing and/or balance disorders.

Physicians’ Hearing Aid Center at Central Park ENT is equipped with the latest technology and instrumentation for assessing and managing hearing and balance disorders in children and adults. All of our Audiologists are Doctors of Audiology who are dedicated to providing excellent care and compassion for patients, recognizing the unique needs of the individual with hearing issues and the impact hearing loss may have on loved ones. Our Audiologists are highly experienced in the selection and fitting of hearing devices of all levels of technology, taking into account situational and financial concerns, ensuring that the most appropriate solution will be offered. There is nothing more important to us than the well-being and satisfaction of our patients.