Allergy Shots

Our ENT specialists play a leading role in the management of patients with allergies and allergic symptoms. One way we accomplish this is through allergy shots, also referred to as immunotherapy. Allergy shots are a method of desensitization for allergic reactions to substances such as pollens, dust and animal dander. Allergy shots involve the patient receiving gradually increasing doses on a weekly basis of the allergen which the patient is allergic to. By increasing the dosage increments of allergen, the immune system becomes less sensitive to the particular substance. This process likely causes the production of a blocking antibody, which works to reduce the symptoms of allergies whenever the individual comes in contact with the substance.

Additionally allergy shots are reduce the inflammation associated with rhinitis and asthma. In order to determine if you are a good candidate for allergy shots please call our office for an allergy evaluation. After setting up an appointment at any one of our locations in Arlington, Dallas or Fort Worth, our specialist will determine if this type of treatment is a viable option for you.

Facts Below you will find a handful of useful facts about allergy shots. This information should help give you a better idea of the process, the benefits, and what you can expect. If you have any questions about the following information or anything else associated with allergy shots, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

  • Allergy shots are both an effective and safe treatment option for individuals who suffer from a wide range of allergic diseases
  • Allergy shots must be continued for several years in order to be effective; however they sometimes can be discontinued with immunity maintained for a lifetime
Risks It should be noted that there is a very small risk of anaphylactic shock, which signifies a severe allergic reaction. This can occur shortly after an injection, which is why it is important for all allergy shots to be administered by an ENT Allergist.

If you have any questions regarding allergy shots or treatment please make an appointment in any one of our clinics located in Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth.

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