Pediatric ENT Arlington

Treating Children with Compassion and Care

Central Park ENT’s Pediatric Division was developed with compassion and care. Our pediatrics division is maintained by doctors who specialize in the care of infants, children, and adolescents. In a courteous and compassionate environment, with an exceptional level of professionalism, the skilled practitioners at Central Park are committed to providing children and their families with the highest quality medical services at a reasonable cost.

Close communication with the patient, primary care and referral physicians ensure comprehensive attention for every patient, including 24/7 on-call coverage.

Our Specialties

Throat Pediatrics

A child’s throat is very sensitive, as it can be irritated for various reasons. Commonly, irritation is caused by mucus drainage from the nasal passages, sinus irritation, strep throat or other infection, and more. If your child is experiencing throat pain, contact our Pediatric specialists for an appointment today.

Ear Pediatrics

The ear is a very common area for earaches and infection. If your child is experience pain in his or her ear, there could be several reasons why, including: ear infection, swimmers ear, earwax, ear canal abscess, and more. Contact our throat specialists today to schedule an appoint for your child.

Nose Pediatrics

If your child is experience pain in his or her nose, it could be due to a variety of reasons. Common reasons include nasal obstruction, sinusitis, sinus congestion, infection, or something else. Contact our Pediatric Specialists today to schedule an appointment for your child.