Financial Policies

All treatment is the financial obligation of the patient, or his/her accompanying guardian. Insurance is filed as a courtesy whenever possible.

Patients without insurance may contact the office for an estimate of any pre-treatment fees to be paid.

Patients without insurance may contact the office for special cash discount consideration.

CPENT endeavors to verify patient insurance whenever possible. When all necessary insurance information is provided, including Coordination of Benefits information, CPENT will file and accept most insurance payments. Please be aware that many insurance companies consider any treatment beyond the physician exam and consultation as a procedure. Some insurance policies that require a copay, include procedures under the copay. Some policies apply these charges to a deductible and co-insurance. Please familiarize yourself with your plan so that you are prepared for any financial obligation you may incur. Copays, deductibles, and coinsurance should be paid at the time service is rendered. Patients with insurance coverage that requires a referral are required to obtain a valid referral. Patients coming without their referral will have to be rescheduled.