Hearing Devices

Hearing devices are one part of the solution for hearing loss and communication difficulties. Following careful diagnostic evaluation of hearing and a personalized hearing device consultation tailored to your unique needs and concerns, the most appropriate solution can be achieved.

Evolving Technology
Hearing device technology is continually evolving, becoming more precise and flexible in the automated adjustment and processing of sound within our environments. The goal of a hearing device is to adjust incoming signals, whether it is speech or noise, as it relates to the individual’s hearing loss and to preserve the signal so as to offer the most natural sound in a variety of complex environments. In essence, hearing devices set out to ensure a balance between speech and noise, to allow better understanding in both quiet and noisy situations. With advances in digital technology, there is now a wide range of options available to those with hearing loss-from devices that are very basic in function to those with the most sophisticated processing, even allowing wireless connectivity to allow ease of listening with cell phones, personal music players and television!

Factors to consider when selecting a hearing device

    • Degree of hearing loss
    • Physical anatomy of the ear canal and pinna (the outer part of the ear)
    • Dexterity, such as arthritis, or other physical/medical limitations
    • Situational issues and activity level
    • Financial concerns
Hearing Aid